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Source control in Xcode… and terminal

Source control in the development procedure is not a luxury, it is essential. Don’t think of it necessary only when you work in a team. Pick up good habits early and apply it even if you work alone. It will enhance your work quality and sometimes it will become your saviour. This article will only… Continue reading Source control in Xcode… and terminal

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UIViewController lifecycle

Developing code for iOS means that you are going to use at least one UIViewController in your app. This is one of the elements of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and it is really helpful to understand its lifecycle. There are certain methods that called automatically when the view controller is loaded, presented and hidden.… Continue reading UIViewController lifecycle

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Enumerations 101 in swift

Don’t underestimate the enumerations in Swift. If you come from C or objective C there is a nice surprise for you. Enumeration are not based on integers, can have methods, initialisers, computed properties and conform to protocols. Additionally, we are going to learn about associated values as well, a powerful feature that is engaged in… Continue reading Enumerations 101 in swift

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Structures 101 in swift

Structures is not another type in swift. If you have background in C or objective C you will be impressed with the functionality of structs in swift. Structures have initialisers, methods, comfort to protocols have extensions…convinced? Well, if start thinking that are like classes you are right but…only similar. Major difference is that structures are… Continue reading Structures 101 in swift

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Iterating through Collection Types in Swift

Collection types in swift are the arrays, the dictionaries and the sets. Iterating through them is really easy using the for-in loop. The purpose of this article is to gather all the related information in one point, neat? Lets start with the arrays. We have an array of Strings and we want to print the… Continue reading Iterating through Collection Types in Swift

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Closures 101 in swift

Closures, what a great tool! Once you get it, you love it. Closures are the famous blocks in Objective-C. Maybe were a bit difficult to understand at first sight. I’ve written three parts in this blog to explain them. However now everything is easier. Closures are vital part in Swift and we will experiment with… Continue reading Closures 101 in swift

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Functions 101 in swift

Functions are the building blocks of any application. Let’s start with some obvious characteristics about them. The functions declared using the keyword func. Then follows the function name and the parenthesis containing the parameters, after that there is an arrow “->” and the return type is defined. So, it looks like: Inside the function, we… Continue reading Functions 101 in swift